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Intervention Areas

The initiative will focus on the following 8 intervention areas that appeared to be most relevant, based on assessing the needs and aspirations of waste picker households through in-depth research and expert consultations.

Sector Perception Change Program

To improve professional pride among waste pickers sector, and encourage Bengaluru’s general population to respect and value waste picking

Development of Alternate Livelihood Options

For waste pickers who desire to leave the profession

Development of New Waste Streams

So as to increase waste picker income, and improve the stability of this income

Creating Safer Working Conditions

And development of a behaviour change program to ensure usage of equipment, so as to improve working conditions

Improved Linkages to Government Schemes

To enable access to basic services such as WASH, education, and healthcare

Improved Access to Quality Education

To enable social mobility for waste pickers’ children


To reduce incidence of substance abuse and domestic violence in waste picker households

Affordable Access to WASH Facilities

For waste picker households, with a focus on clean drinking water

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