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Steering Committee

The steering committee plays a critical role in guiding the vision and strategy of Saamuhika Shakti. The steering committee is composed of internal and external members, and provides inputs on the overall direction of Saamuhika Shakti and ensures that we respond to the needs of the community as the project progresses. They advise on how individual organizations and those in the extended network can align to the common agenda and collaborate for improved outcome or more efficiency.

Maria Bystedt

Strategy Lead,
H&M Foundation

Ankur Garg

Country Director, India at BBC Media Action

Jatin Mondar

Deputy Director, Program Management- South India, Save the Children

Nalini Shekar

Hasiru Dala

VK Madhavan

WaterAid India

Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan

Co-founder & CEO,

Smita Rakesh

Vice president, Climate and Sustainability, Social Alpha

Sandya Narayanan

Member, Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT)

Nidhi Bansal

Senior Director, Program Operations, Quality & Learning, CARE India

Akshay Soni

Executive Director
Saamuhika Shakti,
The/Nudge Institute

Venkat Kotamaraju

Director, Circular Apparel Innovation Factory

Gigi Mathews

Country Director, Enviu India

Backbone Team

The role of the backbone organisation is to guide the vision and strategy and provide the supporting infrastructure to deliver the common agenda. The backbone organisation coordinates and supports the aligned activities with the partner organisations, cultivates external stakeholder and community engagement and ownership of the vision, manages monitoring and evaluation, and leads on internal and external communications.

The/Nudge Institute serves as the backbone organisation of Saamuhika Shakti.

Lakshmi Pattabi Raman

Executive Director,
Saamuhika Shakti

Akshay Soni

Executive Director,
Saamuhika Shakti

Zibi Jamal

Communications Director, Saamuhika Shakti

Bharath Sequeira

Associate Director,
Saamuhika Shakti

Sanjay Paswan

M&E Lead,
Saamuhika Shakti

Vishwadha Chander

Communications Manager, Saamuhika Shakti

Simran K

Gender Lead,
Saamuhika Shakti

About The/Nudge

The/ Nudge Institute serves as the backbone organisation for Saamuhika Shakti and is responsible for guiding the overall strategy and vision of the collective impact initiative. The/Nudge Institute works closely with the partners to facilitate collaboration and coordination of activities, build relationships, trust and buy-in from key ecosystem stakeholders and work towards mobilizing the right resources for collective success.

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