June 2023

Unstoppable: An evening with an all-woman dream team

By Vinod Sebastian

On a rainy evening in May, we made our way into a quiet, leafy neighbourhood in Bengaluru. As we rode the elevator up four floors, we wondered how a manufacturing centre could be so quiet. 

Turns out, a well-oiled machine runs smoothly, silently, and efficiently — a perfect metaphor for Social Alpha’s Techtonic winner Bare Necessities' all-woman manufacturing team.

Bengaluru-based Bare Necessities was founded by Sahar Mansoor in pursuit of a zero-waste living. It aims to address flaws in manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by innovating and providing sustainable solutions to waste. The company recently employed Chitra, previously a waste sorter, who now contributes to production and packaging at Bare.

Here's a glimpse of an evening spent with the Bare Necessities team, as captured by our photographer Vinod Sebastian

The well-oiled machine in action.
A pause in their work to introduce themselves to the photographer and other guests.
The all-women team does everything, from making the different products sold by Bare, to inventory, organising online orders, packaging and shipping them out.
A bulk order is being packaged for shipping.
Bare has worked with women from different backgrounds to train them in the art of making sustainable products such as soaps, shampoos and cleaners.
As part of its work under Saamuhika Shakti, Bare employed Chitra, who used to be a waste picker.
Chithra now helps the team with production, packaging and labelling and intends to expand her manufacturing skills. 
Bare aims to provide a conducive environment of emotional and mental support for all employees at the workplace and has built a spirit of healthy interaction to enable women to uplift each other.
Chai time is chatty time - by the staff's own admission!
Sahar Mansoor, who founded Bare in her pursuit of zero-waste living.

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