June 2023

Igniting Little Minds: Save the Children's work in Anganwadis and schools

By Team Save the Children, India

"When I grow up, I want to become a teacher and help poor children like me study better!”

What inspires children to come to school?

An enabling environment that is colourful, cheerful and fun! In many low-income communities, including the waste-picking localities that Saamuhika Shakti partners work in, Anganwadi Centres often lack the resources to provide children with such learning environments. 

BLES, or Building Learning Environment in Schools/Anganwadi Centers is an innovative approach that has been adopted in many schools and Anganwadi Centers to make learning fun for children. The aim is to break the monotonous routine of black-and-white textbooks and create an enjoyable learning experience. 

As part of its work in Saamuhika Shakti, Save the Children India is working with Anganwadi Centers and schools to equip classrooms with visual learning aids to make learning fun for children who may find it challenging to learn through books alone.

With minimal investment, several unattractive Anganwadi Centers and school buildings have been transformed into bright and cheerful learning environments for children. The walls are adorned with colours and paintings depicting various learning concepts. 

To showcase the transformative journey before and after implementing BLES, Save the Children has developed this short film.

The film was inaugurated on June 15, 2023, along with a Mobile Van Campaign launched by Dr S Siddharammanna, Deputy Director, DWCD, Karnataka. 

Watch the full video here: 

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