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Sambhav Foundation

Our role in
Saamuhika Shakti

As a part of the Saamuhika Shakti initiative, Sambhav Foundation aims to improve the earning potential of waste pickers by opening up alternative livelihood opportunities to them and their families. This will be done through skill development initiatives and employment support over a three-year engagement period.

What we do

Sambhav Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works to eliminate social imbalance and empower weaker sections of society with the right infrastructure, education, and means of livelihood. Sambhav provides mentoring and nurturing to individuals and groups to enhance livelihoods in the informal sector, ensuring health and well-being, building skills, and uplifting through employment and entrepreneurship. The foundation drives change for women, youth, and the differently-abled by empowering them with the right knowledge and skills and linking them to sustainable livelihoods.

Activities and impact

Sambhav Foundation trains batches of people -  waste pickers and their family members - to become small-business owners. Their training programs include courses in tailoring, beauty therapy and electrician work, among other skills that will help the trainees pursue alternative livelihoods along with waste-picking, to increase their income. Once training is completed, Sambhav Foundation handholds the trained candidates to help them find and sustain jobs.  With several batches getting certified, trainees have started receiving orders for their products, most commonly masks, bags, and uniforms. 
Healthcare: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sambhav Foundation pivoted resources towards conducting vaccination camps along with partner Hasiru Dala.

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