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Our Role in Saamuhika Shakti

As part of the Saamuhika Shakti, Enviu works to create a circular B2B textile service model, starting with the hotel industry. Hotel linen waste will be recycled and brought back into the loop as new towels - integrating waste pickers in the collection and sorting process.

How we do it

Enviu is currently working on validating the quality of linen produced from recycled fibre to make sure it can withstand 200 washes and comply with 4-star hotel standards. Enviu will then recruit eight hotels and run trials to validate the business model.

Enviu will work with CAIF to help train the waste pickers they employ. By December 2023, Enviu looks to collect and divert close to 30-35 tonnes of cotton waste sorted by waste workers, from landfills. Enviu aims to employ waste workers in alternative livelihood opportunities in the hotels’ laundry, logistics, and warehousing departments, creating income from textile waste for waste workers.

What We Do

Stichting Enviu Nederland is a not-for-profit public benefit organisation that uses impact-driven entrepreneurship to solve the world's biggest social and environmental issues. Enviu builds companies that address these problems; with the aim to drive failing markets towards a new normal. It accelerates systemic change by building and supporting innovations that improve livelihood and the environment. Enviu has been working in five program areas over the past 20 years: financial inclusion, food, plastic waste, circular textiles, and sustainable shipping. In India, Enviu began its work in the circular textiles sphere in 2016.

Together with CAIF, Enviu aims to establish an integrated Circular Textile Waste Management (CTWM) model in India. Our common goal is to recover and reclaim value from (domestic) textile waste while creating green and sustained livelihoods for the informal waste pickers.

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